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Corn Burning Boilers

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Introducing A Truly Efficient Furnace and Boiler

In these time of high energy costs, it makes sense to use a heat source that utilizes a resource that is readily available and cost effective. The A-Maize-Ing Heat furnace and boiler burns shelled corn, a renewable local commodity. Corn costs less per BTU than other heat sources, plus benefits the local economy by generating business for farmers. The low cost of shelled corn, together with the efficient burning process of this furnace and boiler, produces an economical, ecologically safe home heating system.

Burns Clean - No More Creosote

The A-Maize-Ing Heat furnace and boiler feeds the corn into the bottom of the combustion chamber, therefore providing the most efficient fuel consumption. The residual ashes (clinkers) are then spilled over the top of the combustion ring into the ash pan. This process, in effect, self cleans the combustion chamber.

The First UL Listed

The A-Maize-Ing Heat furnace and boiler is the first shelled corn fired central furnace and residential biomass hot water boiler to be listed by Underwriters Laboratories. Using an auger drive to meter the fuel allows for precise control of combustion. The UL listing assures you of a safe and quality product.

Safe, Comfortable Heat

Your home's thermostat electronically controls the fuel feed system to provide a constant temperature. The boiler will remain lit as long as the bin contains corn, and will shut down automatically if the fuel supply is depleted. The low stack temperature and absence of creosote buildup eliminates the possibility of chimney fires.

A Better Alternative

A corn burning furnace or boiler has many advantages over wood heat. The large storage bin holds up to 10 days supply of fuel, which is automatically fed into the combustion chamber as needed. There's no need to load the furnace several times a day. The use of corn also eliminates the bark mess, insects, splinters, and storage and handling problems connected with the use of wood fuel.

Quality Construction

The A-Maize-Ing Heat furnace and boiler features quality construction for long-lasting performance. A one year warranty is included on parts and a five year limited warranty on the burner and heat exchanger.

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